Agricultural Engineer Resume Example and Writing Guide

In today’s workforce, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. Whether you’re just starting your job search or updating your resume after an extended period of unemployment, it’s crucial to have a document accentuating your best qualities. Professional resume writing services are helpful for individuals who are not confident about their writing … Read more

Structural Engineer Resume Example and Writing Guide

As a structural engineer, your job will involve a lot of complex problem-solving. The work will have you looking at structures from a bird’s eye view to understand how different forces like wind, snow, and earthquakes impact them. You’ll also be responsible for creating blueprints to help construction teams build these structures in the most … Read more

Process Engineer Resume Example and Writing Guide

‍Fast-paced, challenging, and rewarding. These are all words that can describe a career as a process engineer. Working as a process engineer requires a varied skill set, so prospective candidates should focus on classes that will help them excel in this field. A well-written resume is often the first impression someone will have of you … Read more

Technician Resume Example and Writing Guide

In the digital age, computer support specialists are in high demand. Whether you want to work with computers on a part-time basis or as a career, becoming a computer support technician can be an excellent choice. There are many different types of technicians who work with computers and computer programs, for example, IT support technicians, … Read more

Mechanical Engineer Resume Example and Writing Guide

Mechanical engineers help keep the world moving and growing. These professionals work with other engineers and scientists to design and create machines to meet the needs of society. They might specialize in different devices such as cars, airplanes, trains, or ships, but most mechanical engineers share everyday duties and responsibilities. Working as a mechanical engineer … Read more

Electrical Engineer Resume Example and Writing Guide

As an electrical engineer, your resume needs to sell your experience and demonstrate why hiring you makes sense for the company. Electrical engineers are trained to design and create anything from electrical circuits used in machines to the transformers that make them work. Therefore, an electrical engineer’s resume will almost certainly be a job search … Read more

Civil Engineer Resume Example and Writing Guide

What do you need to become a successful and sought-after civil engineer? If you want to impress hiring managers with your CV, you need to show them that you’re the right candidate. Your resume is the first step toward getting an interview and landing that perfect job as a civil engineer. With this in mind, … Read more

High School Student Resume Example and Writing Guide

Your resume is one of the most important documents you will ever need as an entry-level job seeker. Your resume reflects your future career and will often be the first thing a potential employer sees about you. The first impression you make with your resume can be the difference between not getting a second interview … Read more

Software Engineer Resume Example and Writing Guide

What are the main things hiring managers to look for when reading a software engineer’s resume? Do you know how to structure your resume in a way that will catch their eye and get you invited to an interview? These are questions that every software engineer must answer when preparing their resume. If you’re looking … Read more

Journalist Resume Example and Writing Guide

As the digital landscape continues to expand, so too does the demand for skilled professionals in media. Journalists must be able to identify relevant news stories, produce high-quality pieces and communicate them effectively to a target audience. Professional resume examples are one way to showcase your skills and experience as a journalist, helping you stand … Read more